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In Loving Memory of Dimitrios Tsokas
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CYO Athletics is not just about the final score…

It's about positive coaching, sportsmanship for children and their parents, learning to live together in a diverse community, maximizing talents, and fostering the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength in each of us.

The CYO Athletics program is designed to be representative of the Christian values of respect, love, compassion and support for each other. Through sports, competition and teamwork, CYO Athletics provides healthy growth and development through games, practices and the life lessons that sports teach.

CYO Athletics in the San Francisco Archdiocese serves Marin, north coastal San Mateo and San Francisco counties and offers Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer, Boy’s & Girl’s Basketball, Girl’s volleyball (co-ed during the summer) and Co-ed Track & Field and Cross Country. Additionally we have a Physical Education program that we offer throughout the Archdiocese. Currently, we serve over 11,000 kids in 3 counties and continue to build leaders every day.